a few funny pics

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Ryan’s Roadmap

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This guy gets it. His ideas to get us back to fiscal responsibility are excellent. I see him in the primaries in 2012.


Lest you have forgotten

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The southern whites are getting agitated. They are throwing epithets at leaders who don’t look or act like them. They are organizing under a false premise that hides their true nature. There is a distinct and present anger, resentment, hatred and racism that is hidden by code words.

So it is with great trepidation that I am going to venture out on April 15th to join the tea party members in protest. Remember, I am in the heart of the south that is loaded with bigots and rednecks. These people have a hidden agenda and if they show their true selves, well then, it will probably get a little uncomfortable down at the Jacksonville landing when the keynote speaker goes up to the podium. Wish me well because it could get ugly.

Keynote Speaker:


He’s got juevos. I’ll give you that.

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I just don’t know how he sells this stuff. He’s got you thinking that the health care plan saves money and that he’s a fiscal conservative when it comes to the deficit (for the last time look at the annual deficits over the last 20 years and Obama’s deficits so far, and finally, the projected deficits that Obama is anticipating.) He really is something. And then to try and sell the Louisiana Purchase as a humanitarian effort for States that suffered a natural disaster. Did you know Hawaii suffered through an earthquake and is now going to qualify for the same deal as the Louisiana Purchase? He is classic.

Now that’s what I call fiscal conservatism!!!

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So if this thing doesn’t pass, what do you think will happen? Obviously prices will continue to balloon, and nobody will want to try reform again–certainly not the Repubs. And if it does pass, I assume you believe it will be worse, right? Hard to imagine.