Is that it?

Unbelievable. It’s so effing weak it makes me want to vomit.


4 Responses to “Is that it?”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Yeah, a 1 year moratoriam is cowardly. And that comes only after the Dems decided to do something first. Can’t appear to be less fiscally responsible than the tax and spend Dems, I guess. Ha ha!!

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    What did the Democrats do exactly? I hope your not talking about paygo, because that didn’t last a month.

  3. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    It was referenced in the article you posted. You don’t read your own material? Funny.

    Here’s a more complete article

  4. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I still am missing it. What did the Democrats do?

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