I’m not saying I was right on this one yet. But….

I would like to focus our efforts on real environmental issues that I am concerned about. Namely water supply, ocean contamination, air quality and resource supply.


3 Responses to “Recede”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Here’s the deal. Imagine the Earth’s temp. is increasing 1 degree every 10 years (which is much faster than anyone is claiming, I think). How can your measurements be accurate enough to know that, and if it were accurate, how can you prove it is man-made? Or prove that it is not? What we do know is that ice is melting very quickly in places that it shouldn’t be. This is indisputable. The fact that it is melting so quickly, when normal cycles of heat and cold are incredibly slow, plus with 6 billion people on earth with their factories and cars and CO2 etc, it seems that we may be responsible for one-half of that 1 degree per 10 years. But we will never know. But, every dollar spent on “reducing” temp. is in effect, cleaning the environment. A cleaner environment, whatever the cause, is a good thing. Reducing emissions is good. Reducing CO2 is good. If some people think reducing CO2 will have a cooling efect, then so be it. Cap and trade, for example, is not just for nuts who think the Earth is heating…it is good for the environment in general. Maybe not good for the economy, but good for the environment, which should keep believers and non-believers happy.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Cap and trade is a big fat government tax and a boon to wall street with their financial carbon derivatives. It’s freaking BS.

    Let’s just do this responsibly in a way that does not grow government, threaten the economy and tax people any more than needed. I am all for us being good citizens of the world. I’m all for incentivizing wind, solar, nuclear and clean coal. I’m all for standards that move us towards a cleaner environment. The world’s population can live in the State of Texas. This can be done without the level of extremism that has been fraudulently perpetuated by these people.

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