Well I’m sure you are still giddy over the speech. Man that guy is good. I’ll say this. There was a lot I really liked, there were some things I absolutely hated and there were some things that I just wasn’t sure about his sincerity on. I’ll definitely address some items over the coming days but here are two things I liked and one thing I didn’t. I liked his request to congress to enact the pay as you go formula that worked so well for Clinton and Gingrich. I don’t know all the details of it but I have heard many conservatives calling for something like this to come back. I liked his requests for earmark disclosures. I didn’t like the euphemism that he used liberally throughout the speech of “investment.” If you went through his text and replaced investment with spending, it would sound a lot different.


One Response to “Speech”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    And what about nuclear energy? Or don’t ask don’t tell? I thought it was a great speech (surprise). I thought it was pretty cool how he had the balls to call out the Supreme Court on that decision you are still mulling over. Obviously speeches are one thing and action is another, but if the Republicans can get on board–just a little–some progrss could be made. The Dems have been acting like a bunch of pussies lately, but REpublicans are in a state of denial and non-participation. Whatever…great speech!

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