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The comments coming out of this upcoming book are surprising (even about SP.)

As much as I hate Harry Reid, I have to give this guy a pass. What he said is offensive but he’s over 70 and I just don’t think its as mean spirited as what’s his name’s macacka comment or as insensitive as Trent Lott’s comments at Stroms going away party. Very poor choice of words. But I think his apology should be accepted.

Now Clinton is another matter. I find his coffee comment highly offensive and insensitive. I’m not going to say he is a racist but that comment is borderline.

What do you think?

Speaking of SP, she’s a Fox contributor now. Check her out if you can stomach it.


One Response to “Recent comments”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Wow the media jumps all over anything about race, huh? Well the thing is, Reid is exactly right. Why couldn’t Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson get elected…because they get dismissed almost as soon as they open their mouths. It’s no secret that many blacks speak with a dialect…is this news….was this unknown to anyone? God we are a stupid nation. Now obviously a dialect has nothing to do with qualifications, but “image is everything” especially with TV. Unfortunately the same is true with skin color–Obama’s mom is white, and he is light skinned. It helped him…or I should say it did not hurt him. Regarding Clinton….I don’t know. If you say anything about a black being subservient, it sounds racist. I mean really, it could be that he was talking as if he were a secretary. Didn’t secretaries get coffee too? If he had said “shining our shoes” or something like that…well…

    No I won’t be checking out SP on FOX. And the comments in the book do not surprise me. Anyone who was paying attention already knows what she is and was long ago immunized to anything shocking about her. Consider this your awakening.

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