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different perspective

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I’m not saying that all of these should be eliminated but he makes a good point.


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Did you see Obama hand the Republicans their lunch today? Say what you will about him…but he knows the issues, he’s smart as hell, he’s got balls, and a persona that commands respect.

Just saying

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I haven’t rendered my own verdict on this. I’m still trying to get the facts straight. Perhaps Obama should have done the same. I’m just saying.

From Russia With Love

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Well I’m sure you are still giddy over the speech. Man that guy is good. I’ll say this. There was a lot I really liked, there were some things I absolutely hated and there were some things that I just wasn’t sure about his sincerity on. I’ll definitely address some items over the coming days but here are two things I liked and one thing I didn’t. I liked his request to congress to enact the pay as you go formula that worked so well for Clinton and Gingrich. I don’t know all the details of it but I have heard many conservatives calling for something like this to come back. I liked his requests for earmark disclosures. I didn’t like the euphemism that he used liberally throughout the speech of “investment.” If you went through his text and replaced investment with spending, it would sound a lot different.

About Face!!

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Well it looks like Obama is going to use the hatchet rather than the scalpel. I say yes he can!!!! The Repubs and conservative pundits will say this is largely symbolic and if you run the #s it is (250 billion in 10 years, only affecting 17% of the budget.) That said, a symbolic gesture is great news to me. I am 100% behind Obama on this one. I will bestow a great amount of respect for him if he focuses on going through the budget line by line and makes serious cuts. 6.9 billion is only .00575% of the deficit, not the budget. Here are a couple of other #s:

US Federal Debt: 12.325 trillion
US Federal Debt per person: $39,945 per tax payer: $112,862
Personal Debt: 16.678 trillion: per person: $54,051
US total debt (household, business, state, local, financial institutions and federal): 54 trillion: total debt per person: $177,629
US unfunded liabilities (future social security, medicare and prescriptions: 107 trillion: per person: $347,295

Do you see a problem with this? I do.


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Why are the Colts offensive lineman allowed to come out of their stance after being set, and not be called for movement? Just because Manning is a spaz at the line of scrimmage doesn’t mean they should be able to move. Any other team would be called for that. Agree?