I’m not going to make a claim based on preliminary reports without additional backup from more trusted sources. But…. this is exactly what conservative commentators have been saying all along. This is consistent with what I have heard from climate experts on talk radio for years. The reason is that climate change is being used by anti-capitalist groups to forward their agenda.

I predict that this will snowball (he he) into a much bigger story and change the political landscape dramatically. Just my prediction.


One Response to “Agenda”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I don’t know if anti-capitalism has much to do with it. After all, the “green industry” will or has created millions of jobs and has made many people rich and has sparked lots of ingenuity. I think some people just need a calling or a cause. People who want to save the whales and save the rain forest…well what better cause than to save Mother Earth herself. We’ve had religious fanatics for centuries awaiting for the end of days…now we have some science, some fanatics, and perhaps a way to change the course instead of believing it is inevitable like the religious nuts. These people want to see themselves as the guy who steered the Titanic away from the iceberg. This story is beginning to bore me because it is all about the shouting and the he said/she said politics of our day.

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