How much of the following applies to you?

I cannot support a party/belief/movement that claims to believe in limited government but backed an unlimited domestic and foreign policy presidency that assumed illegal, extra-constitutional dictatorial powers until forced by the system to return to the rule of law.
…that exploded spending and borrowing and blames its successor for the debt.
…that so abandoned government’s minimal and vital role to police markets and address natural disasters that it gave us Katrina and the financial meltdown of 2008.
… that holds torture as a core value.
… that holds that purely religious doctrine should govern civil political decisions and that uses the sacredness of religious faith for the pursuit of worldly power.
… that is deeply homophobic, cynically deploys fear of homosexuals to win votes, and gives off such a racist vibe that its share of the minority vote remains pitiful.
… which has no real respect for the institutions of government and is prepared to use any tactic and any means to fight political warfare rather than conduct a political conversation.
… that sees permanent war as compatible with liberal democratic norms and limited government.
… that criminalizes private behavior in the war on drugs.
… that would back a vice-presidential candidate manifestly unqualified and duplicitous because of identity politics and electoral cynicism.
… that regards gay people as threats to their own families.
… that does not accept evolution as a fact.
… that sees climate change as a hoax and offers domestic oil exploration as the core plank of an energy policy.
… that refuses ever to raise taxes, while proposing no meaningful reductions in government spending.
…. that refuses to distance itself from a demagogue like Rush Limbaugh or a nutjob like Glenn Beck.
…. that believes that the United States should be the sole global power, should sustain a permanent war machine to police the entire planet, and sees violence as the core tool for international relations.
Does this make me a liberal? Emphatically not. But it sure disqualifies me from the current American right.


One Response to “Agree?”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I wouldn’t characterize conservatives like this but he makes some valid points. This is Andrew Sullivan right?

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