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This guy is pretty straight forward.


I like these inspirational stories

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Tyranny is too strong a word for this and the author is suggesting it.  But I believe the government is over reaching.



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Freudian Slip?

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start it at about a minute and 10 seconds  🙂


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Been thinking about her and why she is such a lightening rod and why she is so defended with fervor.  First of all, I don’t think she is presidential material.  At least not at this time, probably never.  She is however a symbol of something some of us are really looking for.  I think a lot of conservatives and libertarians are starting to feel hoodwinked by Washington.   It is becoming clearer every day that neither party is looking out for the welfare of this country and there is a lo hum of seething anger.  I don’t think we can quite put our finger on it directly or expose a smoking gun.  But a preponderance of evidence is beginning to paint a picture and we don’t like it.  

Nobody is taking spending seriously anymore.  The Republicans doubled the size of government and balooned our debt.  They let banks and the government institutions including the Fed create massive credit and real estate bubbles.  The consumer is now weighted down with massive credit card debt and no equity in their homes.  When the bubbles burst, government put in trillions of dollars to save the big financial institutions.  I just can’t help having this nagging feeling that everyone in DC and NY are profiting while the future generations become slaves to our debt.  Then you throw in a far left leaning president who is taking advantage of this time to implement extreme changes to 1/6 of our economy, increasing our debt 4 times faster than Bush and choking out private investment by printing money as fast as it can and trying to increase the burden on American business. 

I see clips of congressmen laughing about actually reading a bill and snickering when a speed reader is blowing out a legal malaise of crap so the public cannot have a chance to digest it before voting on it.  I read the twisted language in a bill that is a riddle in which the punchline is a 100 million dollar payoff to a senator for a vote.  That’s an awful lot of money for a vote and it stinks.  I DONT THINK ITS FUNNY

The Republicans are saying that they are fighting against big government and a socialist agenda.  But if they think that killing health care and cap and trade is enough to get my vote and many others, then they don’t get it.  I am not hearing ANYTHING serious coming from the Republicans.  There are no calls for a balanced budget. No commitments to not accept pork.  Nothing but blaming Democrats so they can get back in power.  For what?  They are parasites! 

I keep feeding you Federal Reserve articles because there is grave concern over what is happening there.  I don’t understand it all but they are printing money and buying securities at unprecedented levels.  They also seem to be hiding some off-balance transactions that they are defending very strongly not to disclose.  The harder I see someone defend or attack someone, the more interested I am in the reasons for it. 

Which brings me back to Palin.  Palin is so venomously attacked because she is an outsider.  She threatens to lift the vail of secrecy on Washington.  She has shown that she will expose corruption no matter who they are or what party they belong to.  I seriously doubt she would be capable of doing all this.  But I get the feeling that the threat is scaring the hell out of a lot of people in both parties.  Granted this is only one piece of a very complex web.  And I know that there are alot of people who don’t like her because of her lack of experience and conservative social values.  But the heightened attacks on her are extreme and this tells me that there is more going on behind the scenes.   

For me it’s not really defending her.  It’s defending the symbol of what she represents. Free market principals, shrinking government, exposing corruption, telling us like it is in plain english and calling everyone out!!!