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2 Responses to “The latest from James Quinn”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Ugghhh…if reforming healthcare were easy, it would have been done. It’s not. We spend more per country than any other, yet you don’t want to use other countries as a model. The Repubs could have taken this on, but they had other priorities, like starting two unfunded wars. As obama said, “Don’t hand me a mop, then tell me I’m using it the wrong way.” He has the guts to TRY to do something about it. Will it be perfect? No. Is he TRYING to ruin the economy? No. Does he have ANY opposition support? No. So guess what–the party that had the power for the past 8 years can just shut the fuck up, because they had their chance. If you choose to do nothing, you have made your choice. They did not lead. They did not want this mindfuck of a problem, so they passed the buck on to someone who worked his fuckin’ ass off to get elected. He told the people this is what he was gonna do. “Healthcare cannot and will not wait.” So he’s doing it. Why are you surprised? All the other party wanted to do was puff their chest out, drop some bombs, invade some countries and declare victory at an astonishing cost to this country. So, go ahead and bitch and gripe and complain all you want. You voted for the spineless Republicans the past three elections. They had there chance. Half of life is just showing up, and the Republicans failed miserably in the leadership department, so this is what you get. A radical, foreign-born socialist with child abusers and communist sympathizers and terrorists and racist ministers as friends and staff members. I have no sympathy.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Wow. Tell me what you really think. Well you are right about one thing. The Republicans blew it. But I agree with this guy. I believe the government is corrupt and the spending is out of control.

    Oh and your wrong about one thing in your 2nd to last last sentence. He’s not foreign born.

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