This is a very well written article about the dynamics of Republicans, conservatives and conservative talk show hosts. It is definitely dysfunctional. I have some opinions about this but I would be curious to hear your reaction to this article.


2 Responses to “Conservatives/Republicans”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    It hits the nail on the head. This is what I have been screaming about on this blog for over a year. Palin, Rush, Glen, Hannity, Tea Parties, Birthers, Fox News…they are all divisive and hurting the party and the country. The GOP needs to stand up to them, like Graham has done–kudos to him– and steer the party back to sanity. You have some understanding of these people apparently; but I don’t. And from where I am standing, they’re nuts.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I actually think that they are fiscally on the right track, not nuts. And becoming moderate Democrats is the wrong way for the country. The amount of debt per person in the U.S. is simply staggering and unsustainable. The amount of wasteful government spending is burying us. The amount of social services that we are on the hook for the baby boom generation that is starting to retire is off the charts. Both parties are guilty and the right wing conservative media are standing up to the Republicans as well. They are tired of seeing wishy washy Republicans not standing up for core fiscal values.

    We are on a debt freight train and it is moving fast. Yes we need to get out of this crisis and our country can do it. But the government has taken us down this path and is going in the wrong direction.

    That said, the right wing media could end up splitting the Republican party up. The problem is that there are social conservatives, fiscal conservatives and social/fiscal conservative that have entirely different agendas.

    I encourage you to read Thomas Sowell’s book. If you never read that book, you will never understand this side of the argument. I don’t have the capacity or ability to do it in this format.

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