Gag Order

A gag order on a private company. Well I’m glad they backed off but just the fact that they put one on a private company pretty much shows you the radical fascist nature of this administration. No wonder they stood up for the Honduran President. They both like to usurp their constitutions.


One Response to “Gag Order”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    You act as if a gag order on a “private company” (gasp!!) is blasphemous. Would you not seek one if you thought you or your organization were being slandered? Tough tactics that probably did more harm than good for Obama though.

    Didn’t hear you barking when Bush put a gag order on photographers taking shots of US coffins coming home from Iraq.

    Don’t worry the “radical fascists” have something else up their sleeve I’m sure. Just wait, this country will be driven into the dirt within 2 years!!

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