Football is back!!

Was able to watch a lot of football this weekend and see some really good games. Just a few observations:

Green Bay is for real.

Jason Campbell is going to get a bad rap for the game he played but the offensive line and Santana Moss deserve most of the blame.

I always forget how good Ben Rothlesberger is until I watch him.

Miami sure looks like they are going to take a step back.

There are some really good defenses this year.


One Response to “Football is back!!”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Jason Campbell will drive me crazy all year. Packers look pretty good. But 10 points in first half? Ben will get hurt…Kurt Warner will get hurt…and of course Donovan is ALREADY hurt.

    It always takes me a couple weeks to adjust to the brutal hits of the NFL. I was cringing a lot yesterday, wondering how people can play more than a few seasons.

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