Moving the goal post

His numbers just don’t add up. He will probably take the lowest point, then add his 2.5 million jobs, and claim victory–even if that number is below what the number was when the stimulus bill passed.


One Response to “Moving the goal post”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Huh??? This thing doesn’t even make any sense. You can’t take the total amount of employment, add the created jobs to it and then say he didn’t hit his target if we are not at the total amount of employment. It’s a constantly shifting target. It’s very disengenuous to take away job losses from the ones that were created from the stimulus. Isn’t that what the stimulus is for? To replace these jobs while our economy is hurting? Keep in mind that alot of the stimulus is just starting to kick in now. You don’t just put on the gas and go. There have been thousands of contracts signed and they are just getting started. The rule of thumb has always been that it takes 6 months after the money has been spent for it to reach it’s full potential. That is because of the multiplier effect where the money spent to the contractor goes to the supplier who goes to the manufacturer and so on down the line. Just give him a change will ya?

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