Van Jones

The right wing racist smear campaign has moved on from health care. I’ll admit that Van Jones had some radical views when he was younger, but can’t you say that about lots of people. Doesn’t age and experience allow you to gain wisdom and gives you time to get a better understanding of the world? Wasn’t George Bush a partying, heavy drinker when he was younger? This guy was for green JOBS. In other words capitalism. I don’t see why he has to resign.


One Response to “Van Jones”

  1. Younger? How old is he now? This was very poor judgement for Obama to even appoint him. Anyone who thinks Bush was in on Sept. 11 is paranoid. He is a self-proclaimed Marxist!! Now granted he is (was) in a fairly low level, harmless position, but still. These are the types of things that show Obama’s lack of experience. He could have chosen from dozens of candidates, but he chose THIS guy?! Good riddance!!

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