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Last “progressive” post for Sept?

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I’m glad you agree that the conservative paranoia over Obama’s speech to school kids is just that: paranoia. This is what I feel I am up against every day. These people are truly ignorant, paranoid, idiots. Obviously you have read about it. It is absolutely absurd that the POTUS can’t say “study hard; stay in school” without prompting words like “indoctrination.” It is truly exasperating. This is conservatism?



Posted in Uncategorized on September 4, 2009 by urstupidnourstupid

I feel like I’m giving something up here for some odd reason but here are some of the sources, links and blogs that I read. – I go to this site particularly for some specific columnists: Thomas Sowell, George Will, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and of course the preeminant conservative thinker of our time Charles Krauthammer. Good cartoons too. – usually one of the first for breaking news – no nonsense analysis and facts – can be a little conspiratorial but good stuff to post, very up to date articles. – angry libertarian. I love this guy. you need to click on the little link that says “More in Nealz Nuze”. very often you will not get the conventional conservative talking points. – you mentioned this one before. good solid journalism with a slant towards conservative issues.

This should get you started. Enjoy!!!!!