Man, I just find it amazing…I see these town hall protesters–angry as hell, up in arms–like the teabaggers. And I just don’t get it. Honestly I don’t. I know you are probaly behind them 100% but I look at the crowds and I see old, Southern white people; conservative as hell–pissed that a black man is president who is trying to make some changes, denying that he is a citizen–feeling that the “American way” is being lost, that they are becoming a minority. I don’t know man…I just cannot relate to those people. My world view is so far removed from them, it’s as if they are from another time and place to me. If these are the torchbearers for the Republican party, it is over. And I mean that not to be a smart ass, but demographics will tell you that the future is not bright. That party must find a way to be more inclusive, dare I say progressive. I’ve spent a lot of time in the South as you know, and that mindset is so outdated to me. I guess if you take a guy who lives in Southern CA, teaches foreign students, has an MA in education, lives in a gay neighborhood, almost married a Mexican woman, and plays Ultimate Frisbee, you can understand the disconnect.


6 Responses to “Sigh…”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I come from a family that had bi-racial relationships, I was married to a Turkish woman, I lived in Southern California for most of my adult life. I have hired people of different races and gay people.

    The great irony is that the disconnect is your close-mindedness.

    This health care bill has huge implications. If the health care bill is passed as it sits, there will be an enourmous power shift towards the left. It could likely be the most important piece of legislation in our lifetime. My guess is (not to be snotty) but you have no idea why.

    The stakes are extremely high here. Both sides are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this to win. Just make sure you understand that when you are listening to people who have an agenda. And everyone has an agenda.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    But come on…we see this EVERY time there is social or legislative change. The country is gonna collapse. School integration, gay marriage, Medicare, Affirmative Action, Environmental legislation, new math, marijuana laws…every time there is “progressive” movement, people think this country is going to fall apart. And it hasn’t. And it wont. It’s the same thing here Scott. It’s going to be ok…

    But I know…THIS is different, right? Come on! “The most important piece of legislaion in our lifetime”. The same old rhetoric…time and time again.

  3. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    This is different. Because this is affecting one fifth of our economy. Because once it’s passed, all a liberal has to say is “they will take away your health care”. Because market solutions (solutions as in a different way to do this than it is now) will be far better for the majority of the citizens. Because each issue needs to be examined on its own merits.

    I guess it will be fine. Just keep your union thugs away from our conservative black activists. That would be nice. You probably have to look this one up since it wasn’t a black man at a war rally or a harvard professor.

  4. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    You mean like the way conservatives are saying now “They’re gonna take away your doctor.”?

    You know I’m not a union guy. And what the hell is a black conservative activist?

  5. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Hah, figures. You have no idea what i’m talking about. If this were a war rally and a black war activist and the thugs were military, it would be national headlines.

    A black conservative activist is someone who is able to think independently after examining all of the evidence. Like Thomas Sowell (the guy who wrote the book you haven’t picked up yet).

  6. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    It was a joke…I’m sure both black conservatives in this country would have understood the humor.

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