it’s all good


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  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Don’t you think health care is already rationed in this country by insurance companies? How many times have we heard that “My insurancce company won’t cover this” or “my rates just went up $100/month.” It’s naive to think that we get everything we want already–or that we should. Imagine the costs if we all got every test, every procedure, every med, every program that we asked for. Health care is already ratiooned. It’s just that now, private insurance companies do it, not the EVIL government. My grandfather is 90 years old, in a wheelchair, on oxygen and many meds. He’s had two strokes and has Alzheimer’s. Should he get hip replacement surgery just because he can?

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    First of all, I’d like your response on what Obama and the Democrats are saying in this clip. Do you not find it disengenuous as to how they are spinning this? Are you the least bit concerned that the talking points say this is not designed to be a single payer but as you dig deeper you find that it is the ultimate goal? I give you clips of key Democrats admitting that single payer is the ultimate goal and your return is to question rationing?

    I’m guessing you haven’t touched the book I sent you given your opening question. I know it’s really scary. It’s like leaving your cacoon in the matrix.

  3. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I didn’t see those first links because you put more links in the comments area…anyway. OK–so in 2003 Obama said he wants single payer to a union group–basically pandering, right? OK, fine. A politician pandring…

    I don’t want 100% government healthcare–let’s be clear on that. And we will NEVER have it. It doesn’t matter if he wants it or not. And if he does, then I disagree with him, and I have no problem saying that. But I don’t believe he does. I think he’s a pragmatist and will compromise and get done what he thinks will be most beneficial. But you guys are so freakin’ reactionary. As if the sky is falling. You act as if insurance companies are angels…a Godsend to industry and capitalism. Why can’t you see that they fuck people as much as possible–they have to to stay afloat.

    Why is it that you guys complain when government spends too much on something–but now when it comes to medicine, you are worried that it will ration? Which is it Scott? Spend more on medicine or spend less, cause I’d really like to know where you stand. The Fed pays for Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans, Congressmen, all Fed employees. Why can’t I be eligible to get the same healthcare that McCain and other veterans get? Is it because it will cost too much? I know about competition and innovation and supply and demand and employer benefits–I know all this. I want you to tell me why people who are insured end up paying $15,000 for childbirth. Or someone who is insured pays $1000 for a CT-scan, and another $1000 for treatment and $1000 for meds after falling off his bike. Why? Because he has a $3000 deductable from some cheap-ass insurance agency, that’s why! Why can’t we just find a net for those who need it? I work for the state of CA and I have no health benefits. So is that good cost management at a state level or is it dangerous because if I get badly injured and rack up a bill of $40,000, guess who is paying? Not me…the taxpayers. Then we all get srewed.

    Anyway, I’m ranting. I’m just so tired of all the “do nothing, status quo, scare the public, conservative, Republican, scared of change, he’s born in Kenya” idiots–most of whom are Southern whites. Sorry, nothing personal–just a fact.

    If the Repubs have such a great idea on healthcare, why didn’t they do anything all those 6 years when they had Bush, the House, and the Senate? Hmmm….

  4. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    First of all Rebublicans are useless Democrat lites so to keep making that argument is really useless. You can’t keep going back to that well because it’s run dry.

    If you find this link you will see what Barack said in 2007 and what other key Dems are saying now. It’s a road to single payer. It’s so freaking clear a transparent.

    Business is in the business to make a profit. Bottom line. I understand that. But when there is healthy competition, then it is that fight to offer the best product at the lowest price which makes any industry deliver goods and services at the optimum level. Government can never do it, it’s impossible. Don’t you see that? Business is not evil, government is. And when you introduce government so called competition, it always screws up the market because they price on the whims of public sentiment and business prices at supply and demand. If you don’t see this then our argument is basically over and you might as well call yourself a socialist because you are.

    In regards to healthcare spending. First of all, if you think that you are going to get the same benefits as John McCain and other Fed employees, you are living in a fantasy land. It’s not the same plan and the congressional committee just recently voted to not be required to enroll in this plan.

    I want to spend as much as we can on health care. We are a wealthy nation overall and health is an expense worth paying for. The problem is that Medicare and Medicaid are almost insolvent. There will have to be drastic cuts/rationing in the coming years or massive tax increases. To say that we should look at Medicaid and Medicare as a good model is completely disengenuous. To say to look at the Federal employees plan is as well because people will not be getting this gold plated plan either.

    Now I’m not sure how someone who is insured pays 15000 for a baby but I’ll address this as well (again). The disconnect here is that nobody has any skin in the game and we all should. If we all had transportable health care insurance with deductables, then we would all be shopping for health care. There are some medical expenses that have been going down recently. Lasik eye surgery and plastic surgery. Why, because people have to pay out their own pocket and therefore shop for the best deal.

    And why should taxpayers pay for your health care. You can certainly afford it. I pay a couple of hundred dollars a month for my premiums. I’m pretty sure you can too.

    You keep referring to conservatives as white southenors who are afraid of change and are a bunch of scare mongors. I always laugh when you say that (and you say it alot). You really have no idea what conservatives are really like and who they are. The scare tactics are code for pointing out the evidence which you refuse to aknowledge (like the link I originally posted). Yes there are alot of southern whites who consider themselves conservative but you act like we wear this as a badge of honor. You will never take the time to find out what the conservative alternatives are. It would be a big change from what we are doing now but I guess it’s not change unless the government is involved.

    Anyway, I’m ranting as well. We certainly are diametrically opposed here. Once again I find it so funny how our world views are so different.
    But here’s something we can agree on. I can’t wait for football!! The Fins are playing the Chargers this year. Watchout!!!

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