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It’s funny that the same questions and debates are always the same. Interesting interview. I just watched all three parts.

If you can’t open this link, go to youtube and search for interview, ayn rand, mike wallace.



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So any thoughts on Obama’s choice for S. Court? I’d never heard of her. Seems thoroughly qualified; originally appointed by Bush. Funny watching the right wing talking heads go crazy!! Those guys are cancerous.

interesting chart

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“Basic Economics” Hmmm….guess you think I need some remedial education so I can understand the sagacity of your ideals. Let’s not forget who has the Master’s degree here 🙂

credit card bill

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If they completely restrict the ability to raise rates then that will make it more expensive for everyone or access will be severly limited. These are unintended consequences that must be considered. However that being said, I heard someone on a financial show say that his credit card rate was raised to 64%. The host validated it by having the customer fax in his statement. So as hard as it is for me to say. Hold on now. I’m going to type it. If I can just get the words out without choking on my conservative capitalist principles……………………….. Yes we need some regulation in the credit card industry. There, I said it. I hope your happy now. 🙂


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I sent you a book by Thomas Sowell. I think you will find it fascinating and illuminating. It’s coming from Amazon.

For a good chuckle

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Ya know, the guy is just an idiot