But of course



Why am I not surprised that the official response would be denial. 



I remember when Bush kissed the king and held his hand.  I thought it was unbecoming of the leader of the free world to extend such a salutation.  It actually made me a little sick to my stomach. 

Now we have a bow.  Your only response to the bow was a picture of Bush kissing the same King.  So let me ask you this.  What are your opinions on both events. Do you think a bow and a kiss have the same meaning? Do you think they send out signs of weakness to the rest of the world or are they just friendly gestures that have no meaning?  What do you think the leaders of China, Iran and Russia think when they see this? Do you question why the hell am I harping on such a meaningless gesture because I am controlled by right wing conservatives trying to polarize the country?  Or is there something in your gut saying I might have a point but you just can’t cross that line? 

Take your time on this one.  I’m still waiting to hear how Andrew Sullivan determined a 32 trillion budget for prescription drugs and how Bush and Cheney secretly took away our 1st and 4th amendments.  Or is this another one of those something in your gut but can’t admit out loud things. 🙂   

Come one Dave admit it!!!  : ) 

And have a good weekend.  Hope all is going well.


2 Responses to “But of course”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I think Obama fucked up. But I don’t think it means anything–like he is subservient or bowing to the master. Same with Bush. I actually thought when Bush held his hand it was…mmm…endearing? I think the king had recently had a stroke and was unsteady. But not the kiss. But again, many cultures kiss on greetings. More paranoia on your part. What if it had been the Japanese or Korean president and he had bowed? Re: Sullivan–I don’t know where he got his numbers. I doubt he just made them up. And yes it was hyberbole on his part about the 1st and 4th amendments. See I can be honest. You be honest now. Where was all this “socialism” talk when Bush approved the first bailout? Or when he took us from a surplus to horrendous debt? You who vote Republican and/or conservative are finding your numbers shrinking and are marginalizing yourselves with all these blunders of talk about socialism and indoctrinationof the youth volunteeer camps and being subservient to the king, talk show hosts, Jindal’s performance, Palin, tea parties, Michael Steele,…it just goes on and on. You guys are freaking out and I’m laughing my ass off because that camp looks and behaves like idiots–like children–like get your guns the world is ending. Classic reactionary behavior. I’m quite enjoying it.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    If you will recall, I was quite alarmed by the debt Bush was adding and I was against spending all that money. As for 32 trillion dollars for a prescription program, how does that even come even close. Our national debt is approximately 11 trillion total. It ‘s not possible that the prescription program could cost 3 x our national debt. What was that you said the other day? Facts matter. I don’t know how you can ever trust what he says ever.

    But here you go attacking the Republicans again. But I haven’t read your new post which looks issue driven so I am going to shut up and move on!!

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