Left-leaning nuts


In the spirit of pointing out nuts on the right AND left–read this! And some of the comments…


One Response to “Left-leaning nuts”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    And in the spirit of reaching out to the other side, I would like to give some props to Obama for a few things he said at the G20. When asked if Obama would set aside American interests for global regulation he clearly expressed that he is here for his constituents and that he expects every other leader to act on their own interests as well. Really liked hearing that. He also stated his commitment to capitalism as the primary tool for prosperity.

    I think that there are many conservatives over reacting right now. I will say that it is not completely without merit. There are several disturbing actions being taken that add point to a more European style of capitalism which I and many others would define as “socialism”. None of these actions on their own point directly at socialism, but if you are a little suspicious, it sure seems suspicious. I will spend some time to summarize the reasons why as we move forward but I know you will shrug it off. Anyway, it’s a loose term and conservatives are using it on the loose end.

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