Something to chew on regarding public/private healthcare and research. I love Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Very eclectic.


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  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    The day you TRULY understand that capitalism will always yield a better result than government, will be the day that you change your mind about everything. Risk, incentive, something to lose, people who put thier heart and soul into building something great. It will never see that in a government run enterprise. Never. It’s just not possible. If it costs less then there will be more rationing. It can’t be anything else. I’m not saying it can’t be adequate (such as the post office). But it can never be as good and/ or efficient as free enterprise.

    Once you know that and you realize that everyone in the upper echelons of government already know that, you will then start to question their motives when they choose to do something that opposes this law.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Sure, but it’s not my religion. I can at least admit that there are things that business simply can’t or wont’ do. First of all, what do have more pride in, your country or your employer? Profit is an excellent motivator, but business is absent when that is gone. You know all this–why can’t you just say that free enterprise, while it’s the best system and has raised living standards and given us autonomy, etc- has its limitations. Yes gov’t will always be less efficient. It’s slow, it’s bureacratic, it has to play by different rules–but it has accomplished a multitude of things that business hasn’t. It attracts some of the greated minds in the world. It has freed millions from slavery. It has put men on the moon. It constructed our freeways. It keeps planes from falling out of the sky. It defeated Germany and Japan and England. It puts murderers behinfd bars. Come on man–give a little credit where credit is due.

  3. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Providing funds for medical research is a far cry from running and operating health care facilities. Pride of country has taken us very far but has severe limitations. It’s private enterprise that built the war machines. Do you think the military would be insane enough to produce their own guns? And now look where we are moving towards. The administration wants a regulation overhaul that would include limits on executive compensation. They want the power to seize non-banks if they are in financial trouble. Many of these firms have been the most mismanaged companies in the history of capitalism. Yet I am more fearful of government involvement. Capitalism got itself into this mess, we should let capitalism eat their own. It will be far less costly and efficient. There couldn’t possibly be any other outcome. Look at the clusterfuck going on with the AIG mess. I’m not talking about the bonuses. I’m talking about the money we gave to them and how it was disbursed. We have no business putting printed money into this company. Let the chips fall where they may and capitalism will unwind itself.

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