thoughts on the stimulus bill

Any thoughts on the “stimulus bill”.  Do you believe that politicians are not trying to ram this bill through to get past us, but that it is vital to pass it now for our economy?  These two articles reflect my opinion.  What about you?


2 Responses to “thoughts on the stimulus bill”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Ya know…I just don’t know. I ‘m not comfortable enough with the facts and knowledge to really say one thing or the other. I understand the problems, but the solutions are tougher. Here’s what’s gonna happen. Some strpped down version of the package will pass. Both sides will claim victory at first. But we won’t know the results for at least 6 months at which time if the economy is still in trouble Obama will say, see I told you and if it’s doing pretty well the Repubs will say the same. It will be like the Iraq war and the surge. The economy will recover if the bill passes or if it doesn’t. It’s just a matter of how quickly and how robustly. But I do think some infrastructure should be upgraded, and now is the appropriate time to do those things. I also think Glenn Beck is an idiot–and I mean that in the true sense. I don’t think he is particularly bright. And he is always saying the sky is falling.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I guess we’ll find out if Glenn Beck is right. Just like global warming.

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