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Check this plant out

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So far?

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What do you think of Obama’s transition team, his press conferences, general tone, financial package etc. so far? I even heard he may NOT revert back to the previous tax rate. I’ve read some nice things about him from conservatives thus far. It’s been nice to be able to relax and breathe for a few weeks away from the TV and blogs and newscasts, that’s for sure. He seems to be very serious and knows what’s at stake. Politically for him, I don’t know about Clinton as S of S, but so far so good I think.


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But I’d love to see you try!!


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What a shitty day of football for me! To lose both games on the final drive is exasperating!! Chargers are done…Skins really should have won but are well within playoff range.

Did you see Obama on 60 Minutes? I am so glad he instead of McCain won. I just can’t see McCain as engaged, pragmatic, or with as much energy as Obama in facing these major problems. Obviously there was a lot of puff in the interview, but I think we’ve got the right guy. And I don’t think he will govern as a “liberal.” He can’t. If he pisses off both sides, then you know he’s doing something right.

One of my go to guys

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Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorite conservatives.  He doesn’t waste words or gets caught up in rhetoric. He just lays it out with clear logical thinking backed up by facts you can trust.


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What’s next from the U.N. ?  China holding a conference on how to treat prisoners?  Iran holding a conference on gay rights?


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Politically Exhausted

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Well I don’t know about you but I am politically exhaused.  I am keeping an eye on things but like I said, I will give Barach a fresh start.  So therefore, I don’t think there will be anything relevant to discuss politically until February.  But I’m sure I will come up with something 🙂

Schwarzenegger proposes 1.5% sales tax increase

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Thought you might like to read this


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Well, it’s over. Or it’s just begun. I wish you could take part in the celebration. I worry that you don’t/can’t/won’t appreciate the significance of this. Put aside policy for just a moment and think about the history, symbolism, unification, that has just happened. Understand that for MILLIONS of people there is finally some validation; a bit of justice for their entire race. That this country has taken a huge leap forward in finally overcoming the ugliest part of its history. There are intangibles that effect leadership and the psychology of people on a micro and macro level. The vast majority of the world was rooting for this and that matters to the US. Remeber that people look to the US for leadership, and if we can do this, well maybe….Take a break from tax policy and fretting over socialized medicine. This is not some corny, trite victory. Maybe not for you and me, but for a sizeable percentage of this population,  this is a life altering event, and I hope you can appreciate it for a while. I know you’re not a bandwagon guy, and I’m not either–never have been (and for the record I was for Obama from very early on) but try to see a little joy in this before you start griping about taxes like some grumpy old Republican!!  🙂