Just so you know

The Ohio primary was March 4. According to FEC records, the Obama campaign paid Citizens Services Inc. $832,598.29, from Feb. 25 to May 17.

A Trib analysis of campaign finance reports showed Obama paid CSI for services that stood out as unusual. For example, CSI received payments of $63,000 and $75,000 for advance work. Excluding the large payments to CSI, the average amount the Obama campaign spent with other organizations was $558.82 per check on more than 1,200 entries classified as advance work.

Citizens Services Inc. is headquartered at the same address as ACORN’s national headquarters in New Orleans. Citizens Services was established in December 2004 to “assist persons and organizations who advance the interests of low- and moderate-income people,” according to paperwork filed in Louisiana. In a 2006 ACORN publication, Citizen Services Inc. is described as “ACORN’s campaign services entity.”


2 Responses to “Just so you know”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Interesting I suppose. Never heard of CSI, except for…well you know. Sounds like he wants to get people registered to vote. And as we’ve both seen, there are always these sort of “entry level” people hanging outside of super markets with a clipboard trying to register people or get something on the ballot. They probably get minimum wage and have “incentives” for reaching certain marks. Of course there are individuals who pad their results–happens every election for both parties. Now, you also know that this is REGISTRATION, not actual voting. If there is fraud of course it should be investigated. But are you saying that people are gonna drive around from district to district all day long and vote time and time again? Or leave one polling place and come back 45 minutes later with a wig and shades on and hope they aren’t recognized just to vote again? If Repubs think this is a serious threat to our democracy, they have truly reached desperate measures. There are 200 million voters–even if 1000 people did this throughout the nation it wouldn’t effect the outcome one bit. But sure investigate it. I’ve already seen interviews with people who have been to jail for voter registration fraud. I could make the same arguement for tactics that Repubs use to KEEP people from voting.

  2. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Biden said that their campaign has not given Acorn one penny. Acorn has always been known as a scumbag organization. That’s all.

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