Interest rates question

With prime at about 4.25%, can i refinance my student loans (serviced by Sallie Mae)? Have you done this? Do they automatically do it? I have one old loan at, I don’t know…3.5%. (that low because they are Federally subsidized as you know) But my latest for my Masters will start in Jan and it’s at 6%. Yikes!! Any advice?


One Response to “Interest rates question”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I don’t no for sure. I paid Shannan and my student loans off with the proceeds from the house. See if you can refinance your new one with your old loan’s lender at the same rate. I would make sure it’s fixed. There are a few theories out there about rates in the coming years. One that makes sense is very high inflation due to the amount of dollars the government has printed over the last few months. There are alternative theories but the downside risk is much lower.

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