I ask this of you coming from, as much as possible, an unbiased, patriotic, concerned American: view the latest Palin interview with Couric. Not trying to open any wounds, just trying to shed some light…since she refuses to do press conferences. Watch all of it.


One Response to “Watch”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    Clearly she does not have all of her talking points down. I wonder what Andrew Sullivan, Charlie Gibson and the rest of the media would say about her if she had said that FDR got on television after the stock crash and talked to the people. There would be a shit storm.

    Yes the interview was not a good one. And I didn’t like what I saw on the Fox interview either. But the answer you are looking for is this, I don’t know how good of a candidate she is. I’m hoping John McCain did his homework and picked the right person because I’m voting for him no matter what.

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