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Good earmarks

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 Here’s a good idea for an earmark. “Hey Sarah, put the moose pelt away and see if we can’t get a new roof for city hall–she’s startin’ to leak again.”


Spin it

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Spin it any way you like it dude. Is it a fact or not that she requested more per person than any other state? Yes or no? Palin 31 for a population of 750,000. Obama 112 for a population of 13,000,000. You do the math! God forbid Palin not be all that is advertised. A heartbeat away…

More later. Gotta go to work.

More info

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So I mentioned to Shannan about the Seattle Times article that you posted about the earmarks.  We both agreed that we should look into it because it was troubling.  Shannan called it schizophrenic.  So I went  where I expect to find the truth in these matters.  Where I know McCain or Palin will not get a pass for something like this. There are a few links above to validate. 

When it comes to Sarah Palin’s record of reform … let’s just look at earmarks, since this is something that Palin and her Senate opponents have in common. Before Sarah Palin’s time as governor, the state of Alaska used to request over 100 earmarks each year to be secured by Alaska’s congressional delegation. When it came time for Sarah Palin to request her earmarks for the first time as governor … she slashed that number by half, requesting 54 earmarks. The next year, Palin cut that number AGAIN down to just 31 earmarks. Of those 31 earmarks, 27 of these are continuous or were previously appropriated. When Palin entered the governor’s office, the total amount of quests averaged $550 million a year. That number has been reduced to less than $200 million now that Palin is in office. And it would only continue to decline. One of Palin’s stated goals as Governor is to ask Congress for no more than a dozen earmarks for her state. On top of all that, Palin insisted that each earmark requested by the state of Alaska demonstrate an important federal purpose and public support. Whenever possible, Palin wants to have earmarks only if they can be matched by state or local budgets. And her administration is currently re-examining previous decisions on transportation earmarks … the Alaska Department of Transportation is conducting an audit to determine the status of every single one of its recent earmarks.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at Barack Obama’s earmarks in the Senate. In just three years, Barack Obama has requested over 300 earmark projects totaling $740 million. For the 2008 fiscal year alone, Obama requested 112 earmarks. Sarah Palin? 31.

Just a little something for you have mulling around in your brain as Obama gets all huffy about earmark spending. Sarah Palin actually cuts earmarks, Barack Obama says he supports earmark transparency and then requests almost $1 billion of your tax dollars to be spent on pork projects. Sarah Palin reduces the number of projects, reduces the costs, calls for projects that will only serve the nation as a whole, investigates previous earmark spending … and yet she is the one “lying.”

And here is a little more to chew on.

Let’s start with John McCain, who has a 100% approval rating on pork-barrel spending for the 2007 legislative season, according to Citizens against government waste. His lifetime score is 88%. What this basically means is that in 2007, John McCain voted with the taxpayers 100% of the time. This means that over his years in the Senate, John McCain voted with the taxpayers 88 out of every 100 votes. And when I say “with the taxpayers” I essentially mean he voted in a way that would allow taxpayers to keep their money, rather than spend it on frivolous government pork projects.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Mr. Obama … you scored a 10% rating in 2007 and an 18% lifetime rating. Oh and your running mate, Joe Biden, he actually managed to score a 0% rating in 2007. These really seem like a pair of guys that are trying to create change in Washington. These really look like the people who are looking out for you, the taxpayers.