Political Kickoff

I really have to hand it to Barack.  He made a wonderful speech and the entire production was fantastic.  I really thought it would be inappropriate to come out swinging on the same night.  In fact, I will give it a little more time.  But as much as I loved Barack’s speech, I fundamentally disagree with a large majority of his positions and I think some of his statements were disingenuous.  Of course we wouldn’t have this blog if I didn’t or if you did.  So here is to the kick off of the political season.


One Response to “Political Kickoff”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I can’t get over this VP pick. I left another good rant on the other topic too.

    Answer this 1 question…honestly. Is she prepared to be President?

    I just can’t believe it. It’s completely irresponsible. Realistically it doesn’t matter I suppose because they’re not going to win, but come on man. I’ll give you some cover on this one–you don’t have to worry about saving face 😉

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