My take on Prager

My first reply was pretty knee-jerk; I was in a hurry. I agree with about 50% of what he says. But the two things I find most interesting are that he says these used to be Liberal ideas–so goes the phrase that we now take for granted ideals that Liberals fought for a generation ago, i.e. Social Security that Conservatives once found so distasteful. So you have to give Liberals some credit for moving the ball forward, because Conservatives always love the way things USED to be and generally resist change. The other thing is that I agree that most people who call themselves Liberals (and I am not one of them) would agree with most of his stuff–it’s just the word liberal that people get hung up on. And that many people (including me) don’t want to be associated with the word Conservative because of the connotation it has to religion, intolerance, and of a white-dominated society. A lot of his stuff is, of course, complete bullshit.


One Response to “My take on Prager”

  1. urstupidnourstupid Says:

    I don’t agree with everything he says and I am an agnostic. But I also think people should consider his positions. I really put this one out for debate but I don’t have time now. Maybe we can take this one up later.

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